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Educational Alternatives, Volume 14, 2016

Tariq Muneer, Stoyanka Ivanova
Pages: 357-366
Published: 25 Sep 2016
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Abstract: The present article describes a possible pedagogical approach for delivering a module in inter-surface radiation exchange that will encompass the following applications and will also lend to other potential applications which may be identified by the reader: (i) building heating and cooling load, and (ii) energy balance of solar thermal air- and water collectors. The basic cases for inter-surface radiation exchange that are presented here are: (a) surfaces that may share a common edge, i.e. surfaces or extension of surfaces that are at an angle to each other, and (b) parallel surfaces. This article will not only present solutions to the above-mentioned problems but will also be accompanied by MS-Excel/VBA codes for readers’ use.
Keywords: radiation exchange, solar energy, engineering and architectural pedagogy, ms-excel/vba
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