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Educational Alternatives, Volume 14, 2016

Ilina Doykova
Pages: 374-382
Published: 25 Sep 2016
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Abstract: The paper investigates the recurrent use of predicative patterns in Engineering texts. Three adjective patterns and the complexity of their valency properties are explored with the WordSmith Tool (Scott, 2013) in a technical corpus. The small collection of specialist texts highlights the specifics of technical texts and identifies key patterns to be incorporated into practical activities and teaching resources for an improved language performance. The analysis reveals the modification and the complementation possibilities of predicative adjectives in the ESP lexicon, the function of the locative, directional and spatial prepositions, the occurrence of non-human into the sentence core and the use of di-valent patterns as characteristic features of technical language.
Keywords: engineering texts, corpus-based analysis, key words in context, lexical patterns
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