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Educational Alternatives, Volume 16, 2018

Filipovska Snežana
Pages: 263-269
Published: 29 Sep 2018
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Downloads: 166
Abstract: In the proposed research, the idea of the cultural dialogue obtains a principled meaning. It is considered as natural structural base of the cultural phenomenon. In this context, the author analyzes the idea in one of the most specific theatrical art genres - the ballet art. Although the ballet doesn’t use actual words, the dialogue among different nations channels through the field of plastic expression of the human body. This plastic is fully understandable and international for its cultural values. In the contemporary society, the ballet art as a social-cultural phenomenon, acts in a complex way both on the emotional and intellectual sphere of personality. Henceforth, the dialogue of cultures incorporated in the ballet art, is seen as an integral part of world globalization and integration process. The year of 2018 is declared as the European Year of Cultural Heritage. The classical ballet as the highest form of artistic expression in the ballet performance represents an inspiring contemporary challenge. The author connects the classical heritage with the work of the greatest choreographer of all time Marius Petipa. Taken by the 200th anniversary of Petipa’s birth, the worlds leading theater centers celebrate his creativity which is a synonym of cultural dialogue between nations around the world. The wide spectrum of the ballet art action field arises from its synthetic nature. In one organic wholeness, the ballet itself unites other arts such as music, literature, painting. Depending on the specificity of the established relations between the composite artistic components in the ballet performance, we must appoint that this refers to the overall relationship of the artistic branches in the culture. The author tries to connect this problem with the system of values and the role that the cultural dialogue has in this creative process.
Keywords: marius petipa, classical ballet, cultural heritage, cultural values
Cite this article: Filipovska Snežana. THE CREATIVITY OF THE BALLET ART - CULTURAL DIALOG BETWEEN FOLKS NATION. Journal of International Scientific Publications: Educational Alternatives 16, 263-269 (2018).
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