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Agriculture & Food, Volume 7, 2019

Pavel Timár, Vladimír Báleš, Katarína Furdíková
Pages: 160-166
Published: 31 Jul 2019
Views: 902
Downloads: 83
Abstract: The aim of the present contribution was to evaluate influence of one strain Saccharomyces cerevisiae on secondary aroma of Gewürztraminer wine. We focused our attention on aroma compounds, namely higher alcohols. During fermentation samples of fermentation broth were analyzed to obtain time dependent concentrations of basic analytical parameters: reduced sugars, ethanol, assimilate nitrogen, biomass. To investigate concentrations profiles of particular volatile organic compounds responsible for the sensory profile of wine, we have used two-dimensional gas chromatography by GC-TOF-MS method. Relatively simple mathematical model in form of ordinary differential equation was used for description of measured time dependent concentration profiles of higher alcohols during fermentation process. Parameters of the model for particular higher alcohols were calculated on the basis of experimental data.
Keywords: wine aroma profile, higher alcohols, aroma compounds, alcoholic fermentation
Cite this article: Pavel Timár, Vladimír Báleš, Katarína Furdíková. CONCENTRATIONS OF HIGHER ALCOHOLS DURING WINE FERMENTATION. Journal of International Scientific Publications: Agriculture & Food 7, 160-166 (2019).
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