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Economy & Business, Volume 13, 2019

Faruk Andaç, Üyesi Derya Kuloğlu
Pages: 94-102
Published: 5 Oct 2019
Views: 694
Downloads: 63
Abstract: Thermal tourism facilities are thermal springs and climatic cure centers that soil-, underground-, marine-, and climate-derived natural therapy elements are used as therapeutic factors, and the facilities that incorporate units established with the aim of therapy and recreation. The qualities of therapeutic elements in the facilities, medicinal evaluation of such elements, and the issues such as the principles on the protection of the natural characteristics of such elements and the environment that such elements are present, medicinal and technical conditions during therapy period, the qualifications and quantity of the medical personnel at the facilities must be well-defined and supervised. Therefore, it is necessary for tourism investors and operators of such facilities to receive permission from the relevant public institutions associated with healthcare and tourism. Otherwise, they go beyond the scope of supervision and lose their qualities that enable them to serve as therapeutic facilities. Thermal tourism accommodation facilities must be operated and certified together with the principal accommodation facilities founded with the aim of tourism, and the type and class of the accommodation facilities to which such thermal tourism facilities belong must be specified and entitled accordingly. Thermal tourism has become important in the world in recent years. It has become a tool to eliminate regional disparities in terms of accelerating and complementary effects of regional development. Therefore, the contribution of thermal tourism to the regional economies will be discussed in the last part of the study.
Keywords: thermal facility, thermal spring business management, regional development, regional differences
Cite this article: Faruk Andaç, Üyesi Derya Kuloğlu. A REVIEW ON THE QUALIFICATION, PROBLEMS OF TOURIST THERMAL ENTERPRISES AND THEIR CONTRIBUTIONS OF REGIONAL ECONOMY. Journal of International Scientific Publications: Economy & Business 13, 94-102 (2019).
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