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Educational Alternatives, Volume 18, 2020

Florina Paşcu
Pages: 170-177
Published: 16 Sep 2020
Views: 175
Downloads: 19
Abstract: In the context of the last social events that concern people all over the world, handling emotion and stress it became a crucial issue for adult life. We are all challenged to adapt to quick changes that occur in society and to a new situation of living, to handle a huge amount of incertitude as much at a society level and an individual level. It became necessary to include in adult lifelong learning different kinds of abilities to cope with changes, to handle strong emotions and to overcome stress. This paper has the purpose to highlight a development method with a high potential of individual transformation and development – COACHING method. The main intention is to reveal the capacity of this method to generate quick transformation in a person’s behaviour to cope reasonably fast with emotion and to reduce the level of stress in front of incertitude of life situations. Stress is already considered as a fearful enemy in our society and this paper intent to show useful instruments to understand and overcome this phenomenon called stress. This paper is a conceptual review of some instruments used in coaching, such as understanding and releasing emotions, awareness, solution-oriented mind, building trust in ourselves, that have a relevant impact in handle stress, incertitude and life situation that generates this. Emotional intelligence, personality and psychological maturity are the most frequent consequences of a good coaching process and represent at the same time the main reason to start a process like this.
Keywords: coaching, stress relief, stress management, burnout
Cite this article: Florina Paşcu. COACHING - A USEFUL TOOL OF HANDLING STRONG EMOTION & STRESS FOR ADULTS. Journal of International Scientific Publications: Educational Alternatives 18, 170-177 (2020).
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