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Educational Alternatives, Volume 20, 2022

Christos Papadopoulos, Anastasia Koumoutsi, Pericles Akrivos
Pages: 342-351
Published: 1 Oct 2022
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Abstract: A study is carried out by means of distributing a duo of questionnaires to secondary education students in a variety of schools in Northern Greece. The first of these questionnaires is aiming at the identification of the initial degree of general chemical concepts and ideas assimilation by the students and is distributed by their teachers during an early teaching hour in the senior high-school grade B class. The second questionnaire is distributed during the final weeks of the school year and aims at the mapping of integration of concepts related to stoicheiometry to students’ chemical background, since grade B of senior high-school is loaded with introductory organic chemistry and the corresponding wide variety of reactions on which a vast amount of problems to be solved is based. The validity of the questionnaires and their efficiency in fulfilling the scope of the current research is carried out by means of the application of certain post-statistical indices with the final goal being their utilization as a diagnostic tool for probing student understanding of chemical concepts.
Keywords: secondary education, chemistry curriculum, stoicheiometry, questionnaire
Cite this article: Christos Papadopoulos, Anastasia Koumoutsi, Pericles Akrivos. STOICHEIOMETRY WITHIN THE FRAMEWORK OF GREEK SECONDARY EDUCATION CHEMISTRY CURRICULUM. Journal of International Scientific Publications: Educational Alternatives 20, 342-351 (2022).
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