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Economy & Business, Volume 11, 2017

Zef Dedaj
Pages: 191-199
Published: 22 Aug 2017
Views: 424
Downloads: 335
Abstract: The transformational leadership process has a crucial role in the organizations, comparing with the transactional leadership, but it depends on how well it has been going the whole process. A real authentic transformational leadership creates great positive changes and makes the organization succeed, or at least to join the road of succeeding. However, given the fact, that practically it can be a real transformational leadership and a real transactional leadership, meaning that in some cases, the approach of a good combination of both transformational and transactional leadership might be quite functional for an organization. It is evident that many successful companies all over the world have proved to achieve their primary objectives due to a significant transformational leadership process, they have gone in their organizations.
Keywords: transformational leadership, transactional leadership, characteristics, organizations
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