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Materials, Methods & Technologies, Volume 9, 2015

Mykola Bannikov, Igor Vasilev
Pages: 1-7
Published: 29 May 2015
Views: 2,763
Downloads: 693
Abstract: In-cylinder catalytic coatings are used to improve IC engine performance and emission. Experimental investigations of coatings are normally accompanied with engine reassembly that leads to irreproducibility of results. Coatings can also change the conditions of mixture preparation and combustion. The factors mentioned above make it difficult to assess the catalytic activity of the coating. To eliminate the irreproducibility mentioned above and isolate the effects of a catalyst, an inhibition technique of in-cylinder coating testing has been proposed. The method consists in the “in situ” poisoning of the catalyst by inhibitors. With this method the engine is tested before and after inhibiting without reassembly and the results obtained can be attributed to the coating with more confidence. The applicability of inhibition method has been proved experimentally. An indirect-injection diesel engine with combustion chamber of variable geometry (VG), coated by MoSi2 and ZrO2 catalysts was tested using inhibition technique and a positive effect of the coatings on engine emission has been shown.
Keywords: ic engine emission, catalyst, in-cylinder coating, inhibition
Cite this article: Mykola Bannikov, Igor Vasilev. INHIBITION AS A METHOD OF AN IN-CYLINDER CATALYTIC COATING TESTING. Journal of International Scientific Publications: Materials, Methods & Technologies 9, 1-7 (2015).
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