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Agriculture & Food, Volume 2, 2014

Michal Smoczynski, Boguslaw Staniewski
Pages: 542-548
Published: 3 Nov 2014
Views: 2,690
Downloads: 1,278
Abstract: The present study investigated the effect of changes in the milk fat globule membrane on the emulsion changes and flocculation of milk fat globules under the influence of saliva. Samples of raw and homogenized milk were examined. The flocculation process was characterized through computer image analysis of the emulsion observed with the confocal microscope. As a result, the fractal dimension was calculated, which characterized the extent of flocculation. The applied method allows unbiased quantitative comparison of changes in the milk emulsion system.
Keywords: saliva, flocculation, milk fat globules, image analysis, fractal dimension
Cite this article: Michal Smoczynski, Boguslaw Staniewski. SALIVA-INDUCED FLOCCULATION OF MILK FAT GLOBULES STUDIED BY IMAGE ANALYSIS. Journal of International Scientific Publications: Agriculture & Food 2, 542-548 (2014).
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