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Educational Alternatives

ISSN 1314-7277 (online)

All issues, published prior to December, 31, 2013 are moved to Archive as a result of changes in the journals structure.


Knowledge and Innovation: A Primary Factor for Productivity and Economic Growth
Innovative approaches to knowledge management
Flexible approaches to knowledge management
Peer-to-peer knowledge management
Organisational creativity & idea generation
Public sector innovation and policy
Educating the next generation of innovators
Culture and team management in innovation
Legal Framework in Knowledge Management
Education in market economy; Competitive education
The role of education in creating information society and technologies
Еducation and research, demographic processes and labour market
Equal access and wider participation in education
Government regulation and legislation
Structure, management and funding
Intellectual property in education and research

E-Learning and Virtual Innovations
E-learning: projects and results
E-learning: pedagogical strategies and tactics
Developing e-learning methods for specific fields
Online laboratories and classrooms
Virtual universities
Electronic library: information and search technologies
Electronic journals and books: projects and prospects

Higher Education: Globalisation and Internationalisation
Higher and further education: new challenges
Academic experiences and best practice contributions
Quality processes at national and international level
Evaluation and assessment
Exchange programmes for students and university staff
Higher education and the Bologna Process
Application of the European system for accumulation and transfer of credits (ECTS)
Erasmus Programme: implementation and results at universities
The internationalisation of universities
Research and educational networks
International projects and innovations
Linking universities and the industry: partnerships, programmes, expertise
Assessment of students knowledge and skills

Scientific Research: Results and Perspectives
Scientific research centres: achievements and new ideas
Researching technologies in education
International research cooperation
Research on various aspects of the innovative society
Research methodologies
Academic research projects
Interconnection between education and research
University/Industry/Government: collaborative partnership in research

Socialisation of Youth in Contemporary Society
Humanising education
Creative activities
Continuity in education
Arts in education
Teacher training in a multicultural environment
Intercultural communication; The system of values in the dialogue of cultures

Education, Individual and Society
Pedagogy and methodology of education
Psychological and pedagogical content of educational activities
Integration of cross-cultural studies in the curriculum
General and vocational education
Pre-school education
Extra-curricular and out-of-school activities
Lifelong learning
Alternative education
Education of children and pupils with special educational requirements
Personnel, scientific, information and library services
Quality of teaching, training programs and аssessment

Note: Papers on other relevant topics are welcome too.

Editorial board

Editor in Chief
Yacov Kedem, Mofet Institute, Israel

Editorial Board Members
Aleksander Aristovnik, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Caner Aladağ, Necmettin Erbakan University, Turkey
Daniela Ilieva, VUZF University, Bulgaria
Dzintra Kazoka, Rīga Stradiņš University, Latvia
Elena Agapova, Southern Federal University, Russia
Fran Galetic, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Jana Bérešová, Trnava University, Slovakia
Sergey Potseluev, Southern Federal University, Russia
Vladimir Zhdanov, Sapporo University, Japan

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